Proper manure management is essential to healthy communities and healthy ecosystems.

We might think that our small farms don’t have a significant impact on the environment. You may be surprised to learn that large scale facilities are more likely to be in compliance with waste management regulations than smaller scale facilities. We are all collective drops in the bucket so we all need to do our part. You can make a difference.

Quick Access to the Manure Link Program

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Manure Management

On this site you will find valuable resources to help you deal with a number of issues surrounding manure management as well as pasture management. You can also find upcoming events in the sidebar on this page, and find a local Manure Maven in BC for any advice, questions, or site consultations. For those looking to find a use for or obtain composted manure, we have our Manure Link program which aims to connect livestock owners with gardeners and landscapers for a mutually beneficial trade.

Many people do not realize that their manure is not being managed properly; find out how you can avoid that by visiting our common mismanagement practices page.

News & Events

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Welcome to the new Manure Link site!

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About LEPS is the official website of the Horse Manure Composting Program run by Langley Environmental Partners Society (LEPS), which is a non-profit organization whose mission is to “Protect and restore Langley’s natural environment through education, cooperation and action.” LEPS Agricultural Stewardship Program partners with local landowners on initiatives such as streamside planting and providing technical assistance in the management of composting systems and pasture management.