Step 1: Calculate manure production

Step 1: Calculate manure production

The first step in successful manure composting is to measure the amount of waste generated each day on your farm. Measure the volume of your wheelbarrow and post a chart on the wall of your barn and mark off each time a wheelbarrow load goes out of the barn. Be sure to do this for a week as there can be differences, especially if there are different people cleaning stalls on different days.

Estimated daily manure volume for a 450 kg horse (1000 lbs)

26.1 L/day waste production (0.92 ft3)
56.6 L/day suggested solid manure storage (2.0 ft3)

Calculation 1. Daily manure production for horses = number of horses x horses’ daily manure production rate.

This can be calculated using the interactive calculator in Step 4.