Manure Management Resources

Horse Council of BC is now offering a free, online course on manure management. There are also pasture management and water management courses available. Check out their website for more additional information.

Horses for Clean Water running out of Washington State is an amazing organization devoted to environmentally sensitive horse keeping. There are numerous tip sheets available for purchase along with pictures of demonstration farms. Check out their website at

Field Guide to Noxious Weeds and Other Selected Invasive Plants of British Columbia

The Province of British Columbia’s Manure Management page has lots of relevant information; information on horse manure management in particular is near the bottom of the page:

The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry of Alberta has resources for different components of composting on their website:

The Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs has additional information on weed species on their website:

To find information on how you can get involved with the Environmental Farm Plan of BC visit

View our guides for a concise overview of applicable information:

Stream Crossing Guide
Land Management Guide