How to compost

Composting – a simple solution

Composting your horse’s “waste” is an excellent way to deal with the “problem” of manure. Horse manure and bedding can be easily composted using methods tailored to the needs of your individual farm. With a little bit of effort and a one-time investment, your mountain of manure can be turned into compost – a usable and desirable natural soil enhancer. Following are the necessary steps involved with starting the process of composting manure on your property with links to help you with each procedure.

Step 1: Calculate manure production
Step 2: Consider location
Step 3: Storage time
Step 4: Calculate volume
Step 5: Design system
Step 6: Managing compost
Step 7: Finished compost

For any additional questions, comments or concerns, contact your regional Manure Maven.

Good luck and happy composting!