Monthly Archives - February 2017

Flax-straw bedding

Many may not know that Canada is the World's leader in flax production and exportation. So far for 2016/2017, Canada has 189,000 tons of licensed flax exports. Within Canada, the flax industry focuses on the consumption of flax seeds and the production of linseed oil. The majority of the flax crop, mainly the stem, is a fibrous material that is underutilized in North America. If not shipped off to China or Europe to be used, the straw is most often burned, contributing to atmospheric pollution. In Europe, flax is specifically grown for its fiber which is used to make linen, paper, and a variety of other products including animal bedding. As a bedding, flax straw in gaining popularity in North America as horse and livestock owners are beginning to recognize its benefits. When compared to wood chips, flax is greater than 50% more absorbent. This means reduced smell, reduced costs, and reduced labour! Flax bedding is healthier for animals as it is dust-free, and its lower carbon to nitrogen ratio makes its compost easier and quicker than wood chips. Contact your local feed store to obtain flax bedding today and help to put a readily available resource to use!

Managing your manure in the winter

 This last stretch of Winter has surprised us all with the amount of snow it has sprung upon us! Even with all the extra work associated with snow, we must make sure that it does not negatively affect our manure compost so that it is ready to go for the Spring, which, believe it or not, is just around the corner! Make sure to keep your manure pile covered from the snow to keep it from cooling down too much. Find information on composting over the winter on the site.